Peter Lewis

Photo: Peter  Lewis
Peter Lewis, CGPM, CPM, NAHP-e®
Vice President of Property Management
The Schochet Companies AMO®


Peter Lewis joined Schochet Property Management in November 2006 as Vice President of Property Management. He has over thirty years of experience in the affordable housing industry, having begun his career as a site manager. His broad experience includes regional management of portfolios as large as 1,500 units, as well as has responsibility for regulatory compliance for a portfolio of over 3,000 units. Peter has worked in virtually all segments of the affordable housing industry, including stints with a non-profit and a state housing finance agency, where he was responsible for ensuring the adequacy of the physical and financial condition of approximately 22,000 units administered by the Rhode Island Housing & Mortgage Finance Corporation. In addition, Peter has worked in the market rate housing arena as a regional manager for both market rate rental properties, as well as condo associations.