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San Francisco
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Patrick Kennedy

Photo: Patrick  Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy
President & Owner
Panoramic Interests


Patrick Kennedy is the owner of Panoramic Interests, a development firm that has been building housing, Live-Work Space and commercial property in the Bay Area since 1990. The firm has focused on dense, mixed-use, mixed-income, infill developments, typically financed with private funds. All of the multi-family housing projects include below market rate units. 

The firm's projects incorporate Smart Growth principles designed to discourage auto use, mitigate sprawl, encourage local business and enhance the pedestrian streetscape.

Mr. Kennedy grew up in the East Bay and attended Claremont-McKenna College, majoring in Economics and English. He is a former Member of the Carpenters Union, Steelworkers Union and the California Bar.  After College he worked as a Contractor and then attended Harvard Law School and MIT graduating with a J.D. and a Master's in Real Estate Development. Early development work included building his own house, and renovating commercial properties.