2019 REALTORS® Conference & Expo
San Francisco
Conference Nov 8-11
Expo Nov 8-10

Katey Dallosto

Photo: Katey  Dallosto
Katey Dallosto
Capisce Consulting, Inc.
Danville, CA


“Capisce” is Italian for “understand.” Understanding is at the heart of all great relationships. Capisce Consulting was built to create an environment for understanding among clients, associates, and great teams. As founder, Katey Dallosto took her 25 years of business, sales, and leadership experience as a national trainer, business coach, and sales consultant to help people understand each other better. She has trained over 30,000 sales and leadership real estate professionals over the last 10 years. Her areas of expertise include sales training, leadership development, and turning dysfunctional teams into effective ones. As author of Fortune Cookie Leadership, Dallosto combines her personal revealing and fun style with a little tough love to help you build more sales and great teams.  Over her career, Dallosto has been responsible for developing profitable relationships by empowering her partners through growth and understanding.