John Dalzell

Photo: John  Dalzell
John Dalzell, AIA, LEED Fellow
Senior Architect for Sustainable Development
Boston Planning & Development Agency
Boston, MA


John, AIA, LEED Fellow, is a registered architect, an urban designer and a planner at the Boston Planning & Development Agency. He leads and contributes to sustainable development, green building, and climate resiliency policies and programs, including the interagency green building committee, climate resiliency checklist and numerous strategic area planning initiatives. In 2011, he led the launch of the E+ green building program, which is proving the feasibility of urban environmental, energy and equity positive (E+) green buildings. To date 10 LEED Platinum, net positive homes have been completed and another 80 are in planning. Most recently, in support of Mayor Walsh’s carbon neutral 2050 commitment, John became part of the city team working with C40, the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy to establish supporting policy and guidance, along with develop a roadmap for Boston to meet its carbon-reduction goals.