2019 REALTORS® Conference & Expo
San Francisco
Conference Nov 8-11
Expo Nov 8-10

David Fanale

Photo: David  Fanale
David Fanale, ABRM
Carlstadt, NJ


Professional and personal lives can come together in our work.  My work in both, tends to be personal.  I owned and operated a real estate brokerage for more than 20 years and relish that experience.  I believe that life comes as you make it and making the life I live and work today is a product of my years of experiencing people and relationships. Being authentic and true to myself is my daily task.  Being the difference in lives, especially the people I work with, is my journey.  I love the opportunity to share and help anyone and everyone.  Always grateful!  

I’ve been in “business” all of my life. I have made a lot of mistakes. The great thing is, is that I know my mistakes and celebrate the failures as I grow into success.  I learn. I grow.  

I coach real estate agents up to a different level of understanding of what it means to be successful and fulfilled! We work, we work together to achieve great success.

I just want to help people.