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Antony Falco

Photo: Antony  Falco
Antony Falco
Portland, OR


There’s no more fitting use case for augmented reality (AR) than real estate, according to Torch CEO Tony Falco.  After all, real estate is a business where a physical location and data about that location are both necessary to reach a decision. Augmented reality combines data with the physical environment, making better decisions possible. Where is that more important than in real estate?


Moving data where it is needed most has been the defining theme of Tony’s career. Before Torch, he founded two cloud database companies, Orchestrate (acquired by Centurylink) and Basho Technologies to put data closer to users. Before that, he was an early executive at content-delivery network leader Akamai Technologies. Augmented reality is simply the logical conclusion of making data available at the time and place where it is needed most.