REach® Technology Accelerator: Meet the Hottest New Technology Companies of 2018


Watch as founders from the hottest new technology companies of 2018 provide overviews of their new technology applications.

Active Pipe is a marketing automation platform that enables brokerages to create content at a central level and to deliver it on a local, personalized basis to thousands of databases within their network. It has the ability to fully automate the content marketing process for the company and to provide a new layer of predictive data around intent and customer behavior. provides photo editing and virtual staging services to real estate professionals worldwide. cost-effectively improves the standard of real estate marketing, and it is a pay-as-you-go service with no subscriptions or ongoing fees. 

ConnectNow. Agents, teams and brokers Connect Now to sales and safety. Our intelligent lead routing instantly connects consumers to agents who are available at the moment of intent. Our safety feature instantly connects agents to help in the moment of need.

Glide is the simplest, safest way to prepare critical real estate documents. Our guided workflows allow agents to collect information securely, educate clients, upsell services and generate fully compliant documents, such as disclosures, contracts, leases and much more.  Find us online at  

Hurdlr is like a Fitbit for agents' financial performance.  It helps agents hit their GCI and net income goals by providing automated tracking and proactive guidance.

Quigler is an agent's and consumer's GPS for the real estate transaction. It extracts from federal/state laws and the NAR Code-specific actions required of consumers and agents during a transaction and organizes those actions into easy-to-follow steps, from A-Z. It enables an agent to differentiate themselves by providing consumers total tranasaction transparency, welcome compliance, instant notifications when each Action is completed and unprecedented accountability. Agents and their clients sleep better knowing each is complying with what is required by law and Code.

RealKey. Tools for agents, lenders and clients to collaborate real-time to close more transactions faster with less effort or frustration for all parties. Free to agents.

zavvie is an online service that connects consumers with fully vetted and certified HyperLocal agents.