2020 REALTORS® Conference & ExpoFind Your RNovember 2-18, 2020

Emerging Technology: How will 5G Impact Where and How We Live and Work, Presented by iOi Summit


You may have seen commercials or advertisements from the top wireless providers proclaiming that 5G is here — but what does that mean for your real estate business? 

In this session, we will dive into what 5G is and what it can provide today, while clearing up many of the misconceptions and misinformation around what it can offer in the future.

Will 5G help power technologies changing how your customers find and tour homes? Will 5G take “smart homes” to the next level? Will the broadband speeds promised by 5G change where people choose to live in a post-pandemic world?

Join us during this session as we take a journey through all things 5G and discuss the changes it will have on real estate.