2020 REALTORS® Conference & ExpoFind Your RNovember 2-18, 2020

Data Strategies Committee (Closed Meeting)


The Data Strategies Committee will continue to discuss this year's goals, as defined by 2020 Chair, Chris Beadling (PA): To continue the previous plan of using data to answer pressing association questions, especially as they relate to business functions and our ability to engage members effectively; To work in conjunction with the Information Technology team to develop a best-in-class data collection and analysis tool which provides us a 360-degree impression of our members, our partners and our friends; To help our 1.4 Million members understand just what "big data" really means and how their National Association is going to use its resources to make everyone more successful as a result of that understanding; And, to answer the important questions our members have about data security and how we can utilize the knowledge and tools available from NAR to make their businesses better.