Commercial Legislation & Regulatory Advisory Board


The Commercial Legislation & Regulatory Advisory Board will have an update on the NAR Commitment to Excellence program, Financial Wellness Program, and Sustainability Program by Chair Teya Moore. Following that, Vice Chair Jared Booth will give an update on the Advisory Board’s final RPAC Challenge status. Next, Mike Kennealy, Assistant Secretary for Business Growth for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, will talk to the group about the Qualified Opportunity Zones program. His remarks will focus on the state's process and plans to support in-state Opportunity Zones, as well as its perspective on how the program can succeed and potential issues it faces. Following that, Evan Liddiard, NAR's Director of Federal Tax Policy, will present to the group on the Section 199A deduction for Qualified Businesses, and two potential action items that the Federal Tax Policy Committee will hear on indexing capital gains and Qualified Opportunity Zones. Next will be an open discussion period for new business and Q&A.