2020 REALTORS® Conference & Expo   Virtual Conference Nov 13-16 | Expo Nov 13-15   

To create an Event Planner
Click on the “Create Planner” button on session lists, or individual session pages. You will need to enter a user name and an e-mail address. Once your information has been accepted, your Event Planner will open in a new browser tab or window, ready for you to fill with the Conference programs and meetings of your choice.

If the user name you have requested is already taken, you will be informed via a pop-up window. Select “OK,” and you will be returned to the “Create” page to try again.

To access your Event Planner
If you have already signed in to the Event Planner, click on the “View your Event Planner” link on session lists, or individual session pages.

If you have not already signed in to the Event Planner, enter your user name in the form that appears on session lists and individual session pages, and click on the “Sign In” button. A new window will open with your saved Event Planner.

If you see the wrong Event Planner
Ensure that the Event Planner is yours by reviewing the user name that appears near the top of the page. If the user name is not correct, click on the “Not [user name]?” link and enter your user name.

If you forget your Event Planner user name
If you cannot remember your user name, visit the Retrieve User Name page. This link appears in the box on session lists and individual session pages when you are not signed in. Enter your e-mail address, and your user name will be e-mailed to you.

To add items to your Event Planner
Pages with lists of Conference meetings and events include check boxes that you can use to add those scheduled items to your Event Planner. To add items, click on the check boxes for each item you would like to add and click on “Add selected items to Event Planner.” Items in a list may be added one at a time or in a group.

If you click on the “Add selected items to Event Planner” link without checking any boxes, you will receive an error message.

You can also add events from their individual session pages. Click on the event name while in the list-view to reach the item’s description page. Click the “Add this event to your Event Planner” link beneath the item detail, and the item will appear in your Event Planner.

The Event Planner displays meetings and events in chronological order (first by date, then by time). Items with a time appear before those without specified times. The Event Planner can display events that are during the same time.

To add personal meetings or events to your Event Planner
Before you can add a personal event, your Event Planner must contain at least one existing event; otherwise, the Event Planner will not be able to associate your personal event with the NAR meeting.

Once you have a populated Event Planner, you may add your own items, and they will appear and function in the Event Planner the same way as official meeting events. To create a personal event, click the “Create a personal event” link near the top of the Event Planner. In the “Personal Meeting” form, fill out the fields (meeting title, date, time, location, and description) with the details of your event.

Be sure to enter both the meeting title and the meeting date, or all other information will be lost when you try to save the form. For recurring events, you will have to create an item for each applicable day.

Note: Your personal items will be integrated and sorted chronologically with the Conference events you have chosen.

To see the details of items in your Event Planner
From your Event Planner, click on the item for which you would like more information. If the selected item is a Conference event, a new window will open to the detailed event page. If you have chosen a personal item, the new window will contain only the information you submitted for that item when you created it.

To edit personal items in your Event Planner
From your Event Planner, click on the title of the personal item you wish to change. When the new “Personal Meeting” window opens, select “Edit” at the bottom right of the box in which the item information is presented. Customizable fields populated with the existing content will appear. Enter your updated information and click “Save” when you have completed your edit.

To delete items from your Event Planner
Place a check mark in the box next to each item in your Event Planner that you would like to delete. (If you wish to remove every item from your Event Planner, you may use the “Select all your events” option in menu at the top of the page.) Click on the “Delete selected events” link near the top of the Event Planner.

To e-mail items on your Event Planner
Place a check mark in the box next to each item in your Event Planner that you would like to e-mail. Click the “E-Mail your schedule” link near the top of the Event Planner. A new window with an “E-Mail to a Friend” form will open. Fill out the fields (your name, your e-mail address, recipient e-mail address, subject, and message) and select “Send.”

To print your Event Planner
From near the top of the Event Planner, click the “Print your schedule” link. The appearance of the Event Planner will change to a more print-friendly page, and your browser’s printer option window will pop up. Print using your preferred device and settings. To return to the original view, select “Back to Event Planner” at the very top of the print-friendly page.

(Please note: Creating an Event Planner and/or saving items to it does not register you for Conference or any of its events or meetings. Please visit the Conference Registration page for more information.)

Still having trouble with your Event Planner? E-mail the NAR Convention staff. Please include your Event Planner user name, if you know it.