2021 REALTORS® Conference & ExpoSan Diego, CANovember 12-15, 2021

The REALTORS® Conference & Expo no longer starts and ends in the fall.

NAR is officially launching “Conference Year-Round” this spring.

Conference Year-Round is your new destination to connect with fellow REALTORS®, colleagues, and industry experts from across the country.

With hot topics in real estate, personal development, and best practices for your virtual or in-per

son business, this is a recurring event that you won’t want to miss. Each session is designed to be interactive and encourage Q&A and open discussion. All sessions are free!

Join us as we continue the conversations happening at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo, all year long.

How Prioritizing Wellness Can Level Up Your Career

Air Date: Apr 14, 2021 12:00 PM CT

Session replay, resources and more coming soon!

It’s time to reshape your idea of wellness and level up your life and career.

We get it—you’re an extremely busy and dedicated real estate professional. That’s why through Conference Year-Round, you’ll get quick, clear breakdowns of insights that convey why something matters.

A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research shows the average workday has increased by 48.5 minutes, and number of meetings have gone up by 12.9 percent. It’s time to reshape your idea of wellness and level up your life and career.

Join REALTORS® Christine Hansen, Michelle Billings, and Scott Comey as they draw from their personal experiences to deliver real life solutions – solutions that will empower you to lead a healthy personal and professional life.