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In July, NAR members emailed their Boston restaurant recommendations to us as part of our “Restaurant Recommendations Contest.” Here’s what they suggested:

Antico Forno

“We have dined on several Easter Sunday’s at Antico Forno in the North End. We’ve ordered many different dishes from the menu and have not been disappointed. Its portions are plentiful with leftovers to take home.” – Donna L. Brown, Ramsey, NJ


Cheers is a Beacon Hill original, and we’ve all been there on TV! See you all there in November!” – Maija Zaimins, Arlington Heights, IL

Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard is just blocks from Fenway Park. If you are looking for excellent food and beverage service and a great atmosphere, I strongly recommend Eastern Standard. The wait staff and kitchen staff are very willing to address special dietary requirements. A great place to go after you tour “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark” Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Reservations are encouraged. Table 31 is great for two people!” – Paul G. Yorkis, Medway, MA

Legal Sea Food

“On a whirlwind trip to Boston with a friend, we walked the Freedom Trail and saw everything there was to see in Boston in three days. Legal Sea Food was a highlight of our trip. It is exceptional because of the excellence in serving staff, ambiance and libations; the presentation of the food was almost as eloquent as the taste. I think this was the first time I took a picture of my food! (And that was before it was popular to do so). Before I went to Boston, I had never heard of Legal Sea Food. When I left, I couldn’t wait to get back.” – Katie Anthony, Springfield, MO

“Fresh oysters and take home lobster are just a couple of the reasons Legal Sea Food is the best restaurant in Boston. The in-laws menu options and the beautiful views are also great reasons that this is the best restaurant!” – Jennifer Langston-Justus, Kansas City, MO

Modern Pastry

“After dining here, we buy pastries at Modern Pastry, located across the street from the famous Mike’s Pastry. At Modern Pastry the cannoli’s are filled when you place your order, unlike Mike’s, where they are already sitting in the counters filled. You can eat your goodies and drink coffee at the shop, too. We’ve brought home goodies for friends from Modern Pastry on occasion, and they’ve never been disappointed.” – Donna L. Brown, Ramsey, NJ

Moonshine 152

“Asia Mei’s restaurant in South Boston Moonshine 152 is a special kind of place: comfort food, cooked exquisitely by a classically-trained, talented and adventurous chef, in a fun and relaxed setting. Moonshine 152 is among the winners of the “Best Fried Chicken in Boston,” one of the favorite restaurants for industry insiders and is constantly devising fresh dishes and takes on old standbys. Its bar program is top notch, as well, and everyone is treated like a regular by the attentive and consistently long-serving staff. Asia was also recently a contestant on Food Network’s ‘Chopped.’ I can’t recommend this place highly enough and hope that the many REALTORS® in town for the conference are able to experience this food. Plus, Moonshine 152 is a short walk (one-mile) to the convention center.” – Andy Meeks, Portland, OR

Neptune Oyster

“When you asked in Boston where is the best seafood, the answer is usually Neptune Oyster! Cabbies, doormen, bartenders, sales clerks in local businesses all recommend Neptune Oyster. I can see why it seems to be always in the top ten of all Boston restaurants and in the top ten seafood restaurants on the east coast. I can guarantee that diners in those areas demand only the best in seafood and Neptune delivers!” – Phil Morrical, Hamilton, OH

“If you love seafood, you must visit Neptune Oyster. They open at 11:30am, and if you arrive at 11:30, there will be a line to get in. Its seafood menu and quality cannot be equaled in Boston. The wait staff is wonderful.” – Paul G. Yorkis, Medway, MA

Temazcal Tequila Cantina

Temazcal Tequila Cantina is my favorite restaurant in Boston. It has a grand selection of tequila, and the bar tenders are very familiar (and very attentive) with all of them, which is incredibly impressive. The ambiance makes you feel comfortable, with lights dimmed with a classy/clean look. Variety filled seating from booths, tables, private room, high tops and plenty of bar seating. Highly recommended for a date night to get to know some authentic menu items together!
P.S. Always ask for its three dip trio with chips!” – Jennifer Nascimento

The Union Oyster House

“By far, The Union Oyster House. History, seafood, location and the charm. Can’t wait to get back!” – Paul Tee, Cape Coral, FL